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About Switzerland

Switzerland is a country of about 8.5 million inhabitants located in the centre of Europe. It is surrounded by five countries: Austria, Liechtenstein, Germany, France and Italy. In addition to its Alps, Pre-Alps and Jura, Switzerland has many lakes, picturesque villages and attractive cities. The banking and financial sectors are very important here, but it is also famous for its watches and chocolate.
Official languages in Switzerland: German, French, Italian and Romansch, the fourth - and minority - national language.

The currency in Switzerland is the Swiss franc (CHF).
1 euro = 1.13 CHF (January 14th 2019).

About Geneva

Nestled between the nearby Alpine peaks and the hills of the Jura, the French-speaking city of Geneva is located in the bay where the Rhône exits Lake Geneva in the direction of Lyon. European headquarters of the United Nations and headquarters of the Red Cross, this city with its international charisma is known as the «capital of peac» due to its humanitarian tradition.

Located at the western end of Switzerland, the «smallest metropolis in the world» has about 500,000 inhabitants.

Weather in September

In September, the temperature in Geneva can vary from 10° to 21°, the average being 16°. It may also rain at this time of year. Suitable clothing must therefore be brought on the trip.


French is spoken in Geneva.
However, as Geneva is an international city, English is commonly spoken as well.

Things to see in Geneva

  • The Jet d'eau and its harbour - 140m high and an emblem of Geneva.
  • The Flower Clock - symbol of luxury watchmaking and its many boutiques.
  • St. Peter's Cathedral and the Old Town - magnificent views of the city and the lake from the Cathedral and magnificent alleyways in the old town.
  • Rue du Rhône and Rue de la Confédération/market street: shopping streets, department stores.
  • The Palais des Nations and its Broken Chair - The United Nations Office (UN) in Geneva is the second largest UN headquarters after New York.
  • The International Red Cross Museum – the birthplace of the Red Cross, Geneva is home to the only museum dedicated to its founder and his work, Henry Dunant. This museum, inaugurated in 1988 and located opposite the Palais des Nations, was completely transformed in 2013.

How to get to the city centre/lake or the Palais des Nations?

Those arriving early on Thursday will be able to visit the city using the Geneva Public Transport Pass (TPG) distributed by the hotel and valid for the duration of the trip.

  • To get to the city centre/lake: TPG Line 5 direction Thônex-Vallard from the Palexpo stop, get off at the Bel Air stop.
  • To get to the Palais des Nations (UN) and the Red Cross Museum: TPG line 28 direction Jardin botanique (Botanical Gardens) from the Palexpo Hall 7 stop, get off at the Nations stop.
  • To get to the airport: TPG Line 5 direction Airport from the Palexpo stop, get off at the Airport stop.
  • Or on foot, 10 minutes from the hotel.

Where to buy chocolate?

Geneva is a paradise for chocolate lovers. You will find chocolate makers in the shopping streets in the city centre, but the easiest way is to go to the Migros supermarket located in the shopping mall at Geneva Airport station, 10 minutes’ walk from your hotel, where you will find a wide choice of chocolates at affordable prices.


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